Patient Assistance

Xspire Pharma offers an array of patient assistant programs to help offset the increasing costs of patient health insurance drug Co pays.


Current Offerings:

Specialty Instant Rebate (Up To $420.00 In Savings)

Bin # 017290

Group # X6879

Rx PCN # 55101202

Cardholder ID # 100100101

Valid for Nalfon (fenoprofen calcium) 400 MG oral capsules and 600 MG oral tablets, Trezix (dihydrocodeine / caffeine / acetaminophen) Capsules – 16 / 320.5 / 30 MG, and TaperDex Tapered Therapy Packs.


Patients may print this page and provide to selected pharmacy prior to dispensing of medication.  Instant Copay savings, no activation required.